Support Black Cat Bone

Black Cat Bone is a small band from a small city. We all work full time jobs to support our families. We are like most Americans, stuck in the never ending rat race, just trying to survive another day. We bust our asses 7 days a week to pay our bills and scrape up a little bit of free time to pursue our passion for making music. While we are happy to just stay in the basement making our music for ourselves, the support of our friends means everything to us. It’s that support that keeps strings on our guitars, skins on our drums, and cold beer in our bellies! If you are interested in supporting Black Cat Bone we have a few options for you to consider.

3 Ways to get us paid:

#1 Book us to play a show. Playing live music is what we are all about! We want to play new places and make new friends whenever we can. Our favorite way to do that is live and in person, doing what we do best; Making pure Rustbelt Blues! The best way to get hold of us is or our Instagram or Discord accounts

#2 Buy or Stream our music. Buying downloads from our Bandcamp pays us the best. You can even pay a higher price than what we ask for our music if you feel so inclined. Streaming us on Spotify or Apple Music are also nice options. Amazon also has our music available. We are also on a dozen or so of your favorite streaming services. Search for BLACK CAT BONE 616, as there are a few bands with a similar name as us

#3 Just straight up give us money because you like us. Some people just want to cut to the chase and give a us a tip because they like what we do and who we are. We surely appreciate that as well. Paypal or Venmo are great options for this.