2023 Recalibration Sessions

2023 has come around and Black Cat Bone is starting to get back to working together again after time spent elsewhere. Jay, Brett & Murph have been busy wrapping up Ernie Clark & the Magnificent Bastards’ final shows. Jay has left us to spend time on his own band Wolf Bite, with Brett on bass. Scott has been recording old House of the Morning Star songs, and shot some practice vids during the down time.

The 3 of us got together in our new studio space this weekend and started working on changing up some instrumentation on the set list, for when a new drummer starts rehearsals with us.

While we loof for a new drummer, we are taking a closer look at our instrumentation, recalibrating our sound to not only a potential new band member, but to the new space as well. The new space has cement and plaster hard surfaces everywhere. Sound waves reverberate hard off these surfaces. Volume and dynamics mean something different here than what we are used to contending with. We have yet to make it home, figure out where each amp lives in the space, or where do the drums sound best. This is always an interesting phase of the band’s cycle for me. Whenever we restart from a break, all of the newness of it all is what sparks experimentation, and new song ideas that define what BCB is for this new cycle of writing.


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