Rustbelt Blues from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Black Cat Bone is the music of Sixty Watt Scott, a guitarist and songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Formed as a trio in late 2009, Black Cat Bone’s sound has been categorized as Rustbelt Blues. The band draws inspiration from the Lomax recordings of 20th century sharecroppers and prisoners of the rural southern states, the electrified blues pioneers of mid-century Chicago, and old school punk bands

Black Cat Bone makes music the old fashioned way, but they ain’t stuck in no damn time-warp! They sings songs about God, the Devil, and the misadventures of the lost and lonely souls in between.
Black Cat Bone’s music is a reflection upon their lifestyle, their work ethic, their values…

It’s the type of music you play while drinkin’ on the front porch with your friends and family, having a good time, all of the beer bottles and ashtrays rattling in time to the rhythm; Raw. Simple. Honest.

Black Cat Bone is a small band from a small city, deep in the heart of the American Rustbelt. We are not rock stars. We will never be rock stars. We all have day jobs, bratty kids, overdue bills, broke ass cars, and all the other trappings of living in the American Rat Race. We get together with whatever precious free time we have to play small gigs for barely any pay, just to meet new friends and share our vision of what good music is, and we bust our asses for that privilege!

What keeps us going is the positive feedback from our friends and fans. We are making music, and memories, from the places we go, and the people we meet. That’s why when people reach out to us to say that they liked something we did, or that a song meant something to them, we really appreciate it. It really makes all of the stress and struggle we put ourselves through to make Black Cat Bone a reality worthwhile.

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